10 Common Types And Styles Of Ceiling Fans

If you have no idea on how to choose the right ceiling fan for your home, then you should not go shopping right away. The first thing that you need to keep in mind when choosing one is selecting first the appropriate style of fan because you need to think about having your ceiling fan to fit in with the dйcor that you have at home. Here is a list of different types and styles of ceiling fans that you will want to know:

10 Common Types And Styles Of Ceiling Fans
  1. Outdoor ceiling fans – there are two types: (1) damp rated outdoor ceiling fans and (2) wet rated outdoor ceiling fans. If you are going to place it in an area where it can be exposed to rain, you need a ceiling fan that is rated for wet locations. But if the area is not going to be directly exposed to rain, you need a fan that is rated for damp locations. Outdoor fans can be installed indoors but indoor fans cannot be placed outdoors.
  2. Flash mount fans and huggers ceiling fans – these fans are made for ceilings that are only between 7 Ѕ feet and 8 feet high. Their blades are mostly about 6-10 inches from the ceiling compared to the usual 12-14 inches fans. This is good for homes with lower ceilings.
  3. Contemporary – there are many styles that you can choose from with this design and it can be hard to pick the right one. You should only buy the fan that meets your home dйcor that is of good quality and performance at the same time.
  4. Traditional – such fans have 4-5 blades, has a simple style with a body that is non-descriptive, 4 or 5 arm light fixture that have glass shades, and has the ability to add one light fixture.
  5. Tropical – they may all look the same, but if you scrutinize it well, you will see a big difference that will show you both its performance and life or durability of the fan.
  6. Transitional – it is the crossover between the tradition and contemporary styles. The lines are smooth but lesser geometric compared to the contemporary fan, and it is also more updated than the fans before. It can be used either in a traditional or contemporary room.
  7. Victorian and fancy ceiling fans – Victorian type of ceiling fans are considered to be fancy that have more ornate details on its blade holders and motor casing.
  8. Kids and sports – these fans are made for kids or sports room.
  9. Asian and oriental – these fans are designed using the touch of Asian and Oriental designs.
  10. Industrial – commonly used in large commercial buildings that has high ceilings such as warehouses and manufacturing facilities. It mostly has hard plastic of metal blades and spins at very high RPMs which is why it should be installed at least 10 feet high.
10 Common Types And Styles Of Ceiling Fans

There are still different ceiling fan styles and types that you can choose from. But the ones listed above are the most common. You will want to take time and do research if you would like to gather the best options that you have before deciding to purchase one.