How to Keep the New Carpet Maintained and Clean after Remodeling

After remodeling the house, carpets usually get dirty with the dust and dirt that might also be left after remodeling the house. Some people want to keep their carpets looking brand new without paying for the services in cleaning them. There are a few ways to keep your carpets clean and maintained and it includes the following:

Vacuuming the Carpet

Daily vacuuming can also be done if there is dirt that is visible every day. This is important if there are children running around the house and plays on the carpet. Those who have pets that shed usually vacuum their carpets daily. Making slow and deliberate passes with the vacuum cleaner is more effective than making quick strokes in removing dirt such as soil. Four passes forward over the same area can remove the dirt.

How to Keep the New Carpet Maintained and Clean after Remodeling

Spot Maintenance

For spot maintenance, you can choose to clean a certain area where there is a mess, such a spills caused by water, coffee, and others. For dry spills or dirt, you can scrape the dried soil with the spoon’s blunt edge working from the outside edges to the center. For wet spills such as coffee, you could use cold water and blot it.

Hot Water Extraction

This uses manufacture-recommended cleaning solutions and following instructions. This is commonly used to restore the carpet to its brand new appearance. This helps in removing any dirt or mess that can’t be removed by the other methods. This is usually done every 12 weeks or six months depending on how the home owner maintains the cleaning methods with their carpets. However, the drying period of the hot water extraction method takes time like about three hours with the help of small fans before the home owners can use the carpet on their homes.