Home Improvement Tips to Prevent Allergies


Home Improvement Tips to Prevent Allergies

Allergies are a common irritation all summer long, and your home may be part of what is causing your issues. Use these home improvement tips to help keep allergens at bay so you can feel comfortable indoors all summer long.

Clean Filtersdifferent-ideas-in-decorating-your-home-when-on-a-budget_1

Filters in your vacuum cleaner and air conditioning unit need to be cleaned once a week to help keep dander, dust, pollen, and hair from getting into the air. If you can, replace all your filters with hypo-allergenic varieties to keep allergens at bay. If your filters are more than 3 months old, they should be replaced entirely even if they appear clean.

Vacuum And Dust Often

If you leave windows and doors open to let in a healthy breeze, dust and pollen make their way into your home. Reduce allergen contact by dusting and vacuuming daily. Close windows and doors as you clean to keep the air fresh, and use fans for ventilation. Commercial Vaccuums can be rented near by , Search for ” Rent a center near me

Switch To Cotton Curtains

Cotton curtains are easy to clean, and they are also designed to let in a healthy amount of light for summer enjoyment. Replace heavier curtains with thin, cotton ones to make washing and maintaining cleanliness easier. Wash your curtains weekly to keep pollen and other allergens from adhering to the material.

Cover Your Furniture

Covering your furniture not only protects your couches and chairs from getting stained or bleached by the sun, it keeps allergens from embedding in the material as well. Wash your furniture covers on a weekly basis along with your curtains to keep your home as free from allergies as possible.

These home improvement tips are ideal for helping keep the air you breathe from making your allergies worse. If you clean your filters and perform other simple tasks to keep your home fresh, you can enjoy clear air all summer . Home Good centers are a great place to find covers