Decorating Your Fireplace

When decorating your fireplace, the first thing that you need to do is to open your mind and bring out your decorative skills. It’s all about imagination and combination of important elements to make your fireplace one beautiful part of the room. Below are some tips that you can take note to help you decorate your fireplace.

Decorating Your Fireplace
  1. Choose items that have something in common – you can use your favourite collections such as sculptures, pottery, and old books; but remember not to overcrowd your mantle or wall. Single color palette can connect items that are not a good pair. Choose the color that you like that compliments the decoration of your room with an added touch of decorative things such as vases, candles, artworks, picture frames, etc. Use the repetition strategy when decorating.
  2. Use an item that gives focus to the fireplace – you can use a huge mirror above the mantle or a piece of art. This item should be large enough that can balance the space above your fireplace. If the room is furnished in a simple style, then a mantle with a minimal design is best for it. Use a hanging piece that is just close to the mantle if the wall is tall.
  3. Layering of objects – taller items should be against the back of your mantle. Layer in items that have different sizes and heights while leaving some gaps at the same time. Avoid having a high mantel that can swallow up very small items.
  4. Arrange items symmetrically or asymmetrically – symmetrical arrangement starts with your chosen object as the focal point, it is usually the one that has the most visual height, and then create mirror images on both sides; keep items related. Asymmetrical arrangement, you balance the vertical elements that you have to the horizontal objects.
  5. Decorating is not limited to the mantel’s space – you can also use the firebox and hearth. If the fireplace doesn’t need to be used, white birch fire logs can be great to cover up the dark hole. The fireplace hearth decorations can be the screen and tools.
Decorating Your Fireplace

These are 5 great tips that you can apply when decorating your fireplace.

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