Various Home Decorating Styles

There are different home decorating styles that home owners and home designers can choose from. This also determines the furniture and decorations that will also be used in a certain home depending on the style home owners will choose. Some of the home decorating styles include the following:

Various Home Decorating Styles
  1. Traditional Home Decorating – This is usually used to decorate the home with a more traditional feel. This is common in homes of those in the older generations. This has a cozy feeling in most homes. This has the basic furniture found in a home and some of these furniture can also has a vintage appearance to it.
  2. Country Decorating Style – This is more of the country or provincial design. This usually has a simple American country design or an elaborate French provincial design. Most people with a country decorating style have wooden furniture and checkered upholstery.
  3. Eclectic Decorating Style – This has a more coherent design style. Most objects and furniture pieces don’t fit into one design. This is common for those who usually buy different furniture and objects based on their use and not the design.
  4. Retro-Style Design – This has a vintage design and usually has a colorful palate that is usually rainbow-colored. The furniture found on this type of style is usually from flea markets or furniture kept from the 70’s to 80’.
  5. Arts and Crafts Decorating – This has more natural patterns and colors. Most furniture used in this style of decorating is usually inspired from different stone and wood patterns. This type of design is usually used by those who love nature and want to keep the patterns and colors of a certain item found on the forest or around them. This has a calming feeling for those who live in this house and for the guests who visits them.
  6. Casual Chic Decorating – This has a country style which has a blend of different colors and patterns that give a cozy and inviting feel on the home.
  7. Southwestern Decorating – This type of decorating style has less furniture and more open spaces. However, this type of house has character.
  8. Spacious Decorating – This has fewer divisions of rooms. This has an open space that connects different areas in the house for different purposes. This eliminates the need of walls for different areas like the living room, kitchen, and dining room can all be found in one large area without any walls separating them.
Various Home Decorating Styles

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