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Home Decorating Styles

Home Decorating Styles

There are many different styles when it comes to home decorating and we’re under no illusions that we can cover them all. This post will discuss a small handful of ideas but the real purpose is to get you thinking about what would suit you and your personal circumstances and your own home decorating style.

Generally speaking, once you find a style that suits you and you are comfortable with it, you need to stick to that style and apply it throughout your home. A single style will convey consistency and flow, flow through out the home and help to achieve comfort.

Traditional Home Decorating

This style is typically used to decorate a home with a more traditional feel. Generally you’ll find this particular style is mostly used by the older generation. This style provides for a cosy feeling and has more subtle effects and consists of dull colours and older type fittings and furniture items. Although the older generation typically feels comfortable with this style, many of the younger generations will find it dull and boring.

Country Style Decorations

It can be suggested that the purpose of the country style is to give that homey, comfortable and relaxed feeling – a place to chill out and take some time off. This is achieved through the use of whites and creams, and can be contrasted with accessories in light colours. Generous use of timber and timber colours help to give off that “country style” feel.

The practical use of timber is also important and handy – open shelving, cupboards and flooring all add to the look and feel.

Use timber furniture to add authenticity to the country style. Old furniture polished up (or often freshly painted) to look new works well. You can get these items from second hand stores, garage sales, etc. etc.

Retro Style Decorating

Most likely not for the older generation, retro style decorating tends to give off a hip, boisterous and lively feel. This style comes from the past and incorporates decades of fashion, mostly from the 1950’s, 60’s, and 70’s.

Not only would you expect to see colours and patters from this era, but you would expect to see furniture and accessories that were commonly found in 50’s to 70’s households. Retro style decorating is bold and there is no subtlety about it.

Combinations of colours such as avocado green, mustard yellow, brown, black, white and red are most commonly used to give a retro style feel to a home. Add to these a combination of patterns and you’re off to a good start.

Furniture considerations are important you’ll find there is nothing calm and quiet about retro furniture although you may need to spend more time looking for the right fits as these items tend not to be available everywhere.

Contemporary Style Decorating

Loved by lovers of modern things, contemporary decorating is all about being modern. Clean lines, simplicity, and space are attributes of a contemporary design.

Choosing colours for contemporary decorating is really easy (maybe this adds to the reasons why it’s popular, especially with the younger generation) because you get to choose between or a combination of black and white, and neutrals. White walls with coloured accessories creates a great contrast and gives that contemporary feel.

Structural elements are also taken into account and form part of the decor design. Tile lines, pipes, bricks, etc. etc. are used to add to the contemporary feel often by painting them in contrasting colours.

Furniture should be kept simple but can be bold through the use of colour and texture.

Home Decorating on a Budget

Ideas On Decorating When You’re On A Budget

Chances are, you’re flat out paying off the mortgage and keeping up with living expenses to spare much cash on getting fancy sculptures, display ensembles, and other overpriced accessories, to decorate your home. After all, what’s more important, the kids internet or a sculpture sitting in the corner that no-one can make sense of?

There are certainly many ideas on how to decorate a home and how you might want to appear and feel. There are also organisations that specialise in interior design / home decoration. One thing is certain though, without careful consideration you could be down a path of considerable expense before you know it.

This article has some ideas on how you can decorate your home and keep to a budget.

Using Paint 

It’s amazing what a coat of paint can do. Even more amazing is what you can do with some creative imagination. Just by adding an accent to a feature wall or creating a feature wall you can change the look and feel of a room. Adding an accent can also make a room look bigger, and/or change the lighting atmosphere in the room.

Most hardware stores have experts that can give you advice on colour selection and they also have an abundance of printed material to help you in deciding on how to apply paint to make a difference. The printed material includes ideas on techniques you can use to enhance the room in focus.


The addition of artworks to a room/house can give you (and your guests) the feeling of a well decorated home. Even something so simple as pictures of children (preferably yours) on the fridge – always provides a talking point.

Obviously we are not talking about million dollar pieces of works here. Reasonably priced (and considerable bargains) can be found in second hand stores, garage sales, pawn shops, auctions, etc. etc. Look for items which will match the existing decor but possibly add an element to the room, for example you could go for contrast, or the picture itself could be attention seeking. The sky’s the limit.

The Tried & Tested Photo Wall

Who doesn’t love a photo wall? Every one loves them, everyone loves making them, it’s got to be a no brainer. Designating one wall in the house for photographs and keeping them on subject to family, friends, special occasions, and pets can brighten an area up. The other advantage of the traditional photo wall is that it becomes an item to talk about since most visitors would like to hear stories about the different photos.

As with art, look for photo frames (don’t forget you can discard the photos in old pictures) at garage sales, second hand stores, etc. etc.

Furniture Restoration

There is often a lot of potential in older pieces of furniture that with a new coat of paint can be a stand out item. We will dedicate the discussion of the importance of furniture to your home’s decoration to another post.

Depending on the look you are going for, maybe a little fixing and polishing could have the piece looking like new again.

Keep your eye out for old pieces of furniture on the side of the road, these items you’ll get for free. With some imagination and labour, you’ll could end up with a stunning piece that fits perfectly to your existing style.

Pots & Plants

The use of greenery throughout your home can make for a welcoming atmosphere, however mature plants can be quite expensive.

Cheaper options can be found at nurseries advertising wholesale pricing and again, garage sales, auctions, etc. can be a great source for plants and pots.

Use nature sparingly and thoughtfully though, you don’t want to be feeling like your in a forest when you’re sitting on your favourite lounge enjoying your favourite cup of tea.

These are just a few ideas we have presented, and some quick searching on the internet will reveal many more cost saving home decoration ideas. We hope this gets you thinking about your own ideas and how you can bring them to life in your very own home.