6 Common Electrical Problems

common electrical problemsWhen it comes to electricity, safety is extremely  important. High bills, flickering lights, and damaged appliances are a sign of electrical problems in your home.

Most people blame the nation’s power system, but they do not check the poor wiring system in their homes. Some people still use old circuits that are not designed to power new electronic equipment and lighting in their homes. So, they have electrical problems all the time. We have worked with Electrician Geelong to identify the most common electrical issues.

The following are the most common electrical problems.

1. Electrical Surges

Electrical surges occur due to poor wiring or when the lightning strikes. Surges are common. They last for a microsecond. If you are experiencing frequent electrical surges, it can damage your electrical devices. Call an electrician to solve this problem.

2. Overloading

Check your bulbs and other fitting. They may have high watts than the designed fixture, which is very risky.

For example, high heat from your bulb may melt the socket and the wire insulation. You will see sparks when wires touch each other. And this causes electrical fires.

Check the wattage before fitting a bulb or any other fitting.

3. Power Sags and Dips

When you a connect a faulty power grid to electrical appliances, it causes power sags and dips. If the grid is made of low-quality materials, it causes power sags and dips.

4. Switches of Light not Working

When you try to switch on the light, you find the switch does not work. It is usually due to poor workmanship or sub-standard product. The problem can also be with the wiring, outlet, or the circuit. Consult an electrician if the switches of light do not work.

5. Flickering Light

This usually happens when it is windy outside. When the cable moves, it causes a short. This is not a code violation. But it has a high level of risk. And it can cause a fire.

6. Electrical Shocks

If you have ever experienced an electric shock, you know it is a nasty experience. Electric shocks are pretty mild, but it should remind you that electricity is dangerous. So, learn how to use it properly. Do not play with it.

You can get an electric shock when you turn on an electrical device. The issue is usually with the electric device. Let an electrician fix the electric device if you want to avoid an electric shock.

These are the most common electrical problems. Safety is important when dealing with electricity and electrical devices. Do not try to fix an electric fault if you do not know what you are doing. Call an electrician to deal with electrical problems in your home.