The Most Common Air Conditioning Problems You Should Know

common_air_conditioning_problemsIn as much as we would want to have an air conditioning system that works without any issues, problems are somewhat investable with most machines and the same goes for the HVAC. It the AC is not put to use for a long while it is bound to have issues and this is also bound to happen when it is in constant use. Some of the most common air conditioning problems people encounter include:


1. Freon Leak
The Freon is a liquid coolant in the Ac meant to help in the production of cold air that will cool the indoors during the hot summer days. The liquid gets depleted over time as the AC is put to use and should be replaced. Sometimes, the depletion can be attributed to leakage that should be repaired before replacing the coolant.

2. Frozen Coils
Dirt and moisture accumulate on the filters and ductwork blocking the free movement of cooled air from the AC unit; this causes the coil inside the unit to get frozen. The frozen coils become susceptible to breakage, and this can lead to the Freon leaking.

3. External Fan Not Functioning
Heat transference may be affected causing the AC to overheat tripping the overload safety. In most cases, this is attributed to the external fan not working correctly thus heat is not escaping as it should. The faulty fan can lead to internal problems, especially with the compressor.

4. Cooling Is Not Adequate
If you not the air conditioning system is not cooling the house as it should, then you may have problems ranging from clogged ducts, low coolant levels, and faulty fans to damaged coils. In other cases, it could be that the HVAC is undersized thus cannot handle the load; which means you need to add more insulation for the home or replace the HVAC with one that can handle the heating and cooling demands of your house.

5. No Cooling At All
In most cases, the problem of the AC not cooling at all can be linked to a faulty condenser or thermostat. You may as well be dealing with no coolant liquid due to leakage, or a fan that is not working thus no air can be dispersed from the AC.

6. Clogged Drain Lines
The drainage issues are often due to the accumulation of condensate in the AC unit. Condensate is a liquid that forms during the dehumidification process and should collect in a drain bin or drain off via dedicated lines. If these lines are blocked, the will lead to the drain basin getting fall resulting in other costly damages.

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