The Use Of Different Types Of Lighting To Enhance the Beauty Of Your Home

A lot of people mostly overlook the potential of lighting, transforming a space. Lighting has every power to either make or break a certain design. It can also define an owner’s personality and bring to life great furnishings, luxurious wall coverings and lavish flooring. So if you would like to add beauty to your home, it is very important to use the right light, below are other interesting details that you should know about lighting.

  • Replicating natural light is hard since it will greatly depend on where you live.
  • Artificial light have different hues and intensities. But because of technological advancements, it is easier to replicate natural light.
  • When designing a lighting scheme for an interior, there are factors that need to be considered and this includes good quality and energy efficient lighting such as LED. The lighting designer must have more knowledge with regards to furniture layout, finishes, joinery details as well as understanding of how the house flows in order to achieve good lighting.
  • If you have good lighting in a room. It can create a certain atmosphere and sets the tone in a room.
  • You should understand first the purpose of the room for you to apply the appropriate lighting, for it to function the way it should be.
  • Use glare-free compact fluorescent for your laundry or utility room.
  • Task lighting is required in a study room.
  • Your living room/kitchen/ dining area should have several different circuits of lighting, LED under cupboard task lights, a mix of LED spots as well as low level floor washers and main voltage lamp to highlight texture and depth in the space.
  • It is very important to get the right balance between the mood lighting and task lighting. Task lighting is focused and specific and is usually from a single fitting type. Mood lighting is a soft diffused balance of other light sources within the same area or space.
  • The main types of lighting and their effects are as follows:
  • Mains voltage – it appears cosy and atmospheric.
  • Low voltage – a mainstay for the last 20 years in domestic residential lighting. A dichroic MR16 of good quality can provide precise rendition of colors and a clean compact fitting.
  • Light emitting diode or LED – cool to the touch and virtually free of maintenance. A good replacement for what low voltage can do or is used for.
  • Compact and linear fluorescent or CFL – easy to install and cheap. It is mostly used for back room areas.
  • The golden rule of a good design in lighting is using the appropriate type of light fitting in the right position. Always question the function of each fitting. If you think that it doesn’t have a certain task, then it should be removed from the scheme.
  • Other important components in a scheme are light, shade, and reflection. You can achieve variation, atmosphere, or texture through these 3 components.
  • The Use Of Different Types Of Lighting To Enhance the Beauty Of Your Home

    If you really want to achieve the best lighting for your home, you should hire a designer, if possible. Use lamps that are capable of energy saving rather than compact fluorescent lamps.